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|| We welcome all doctors!

Personal development and access to knowledge and new ways of thinking are the only ways to improve as a professional. We give all our doctors access to this and our professional networks across Europe.

Your area of expertise and the demand we have from our partner clinics will determine which European country you go to.

|| Our rotating principle

Any doctor joining our program will have a job guarantee and a contract after successfully completing our 6-12 months' training program.

We rotate our doctors for periods of up to 6 months and then they return to their home base for min. 6 months before they can apply for another rotation.

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How it works

Everything starts with a nice conversation! Please let us hear from you if our program sounds interesting to you.

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| Ready for change?

We match our candidates with private clinics and hospitals in the country they prefer to go to. You should be ready for min. 2 rotations of 6 months! It's easier if you go alone, but if your family wants to come with you, we have a plan for that as well.

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|| Let's have a talk

We are not here to waste your time or to give you false expectations. Our aim is to create the perfect match between candidate and partner clinic. Our rotation principle helps to ensure that everyone is happy working with us and our solutions.

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||| Only if we both agree!

Our partner clinics and hospitals are big enough to ensure that you are never bored in just one place. Our clinics offer a variety of specialisations, quality sparring and competitive remuneration packages. Let's talk to find out how we do it!

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We should schedule a non-binding telephone conversation to find out if we continue the process or not. Please submit the form below to be contacted!

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